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  • Huawei sues the US Commerce Department after US authorities seized equipment Huawei sent to a CA testing lab; Huawei had the equipment shipped from CA to China, but authorities seized it in AK; Washington argues the equipment could enable spying - Link

  • Apple might use Samsung OLED displays in MacBooks and iPads, ETNews reports; slowing iPhone sales caused Apple to miss manufacturing minimums stipulated by its contract with Samsung; without an amended agreement, Samsung could demand penalty fees from Apple - Link

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  • US Cyber Command conducted a strike on an Iranian spy group on Thursday, according to officials speaking with Yahoo News; the group reportedly supported mine attacks on commercial ships last week; the group has ties with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which digitally tracks ships in the Strait of Hormuz - Link

  • Mozilla issues a Firefox update to address a zero-day vulnerability, the second such patch this week; the two faults enabled remote code execution and sandbox escape, which allowed attackers to infiltrate users' operating systems; both reported as exploited in the wild - Link