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  • SpaceX files for a trademark on the Starlink brand for a satellite network; SpaceX plans to use the satellites for consumer broadband services and for earth imaging; in 2015, Elon Musk estimated it would take five years to deploy the company's constellation of low-orbit satellites - Link

  • Bain Capital is seeking a $7B commitment from Apple for its Toshiba memory chip takeover bid, according to Bloomberg sources; Apple previously agreed to invest $3B, but is now being asked to agree to $1B equity and $6B in debt financing; the consortium is offering $19B - Link

    Update 1: Toshiba agrees to sell its chip business to the Bain-led consortium, according to Bloomberg sources; the group has told Toshiba it will complete the deal even if disputes over Western Digital joint ventures remain unresolved; Toshiba selected the group as its preferred bidder in June but terms were never finalized - Link

    Update 2: Toshiba confirms the sale of its chip division to the Bain-led
    consortium for $18B; if disputes with Western Digital aren't resolved by the time the deal is closed, the three facilities will be removed from the agreement and the price adjusted - Link

  • Waymo seeks $2.6B for Uber's alleged theft of a single trade secret, an Uber attorney disclosed in a hearing today; Waymo alleges that Uber obtained Waymo trade secrets as part of the acquisition of autonomous driving company Otto, which was founded by former Google (Waymo) employee Anthony Levandowski; the total amount Waymo seeks in damages in unknown - Link

  • HTC says it will suspend the sale of its shares on Sept 21; reasons for the move remain unclear but follows reports Google is set to acquire the firm’s smartphone division - Link

    Evan Blass says sources have told him Google will acquire some HTC assets but not the brand; HTC is set to hold an all-hands meeting tomorrow to announce the deal - Link

  • Amazon is developing smart glasses with Alexa support, according to Financial Times sources; full details are unclear but the device would use bone conduction so that the wearer wouldn’t need to use headphones; Amazon is also working on a security camera that pairs with the Echo Show; it’s unclear if or when the devices will launch - Link