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  • Kohler announces the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, which will respond to Amazon Alexa voice commands; features include an Alexa speaker, a front-facing mic, a motion-detecting night light, more; works through the new Kohler Konnect app; price not yet announced ahead of anticipated March release - Link

  • Flash-frozen ice cream company Dippin' Dots launches a cryogenics company to offer its processes and machinery to companies in other industries; plans to customize its proprietary equipment for clients in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, nutraceutical, and animal feed industries, for example - Link

  • Google removes 22 apps from its Google Play store after the cybersecurity company Check Point Software found them to contain malware; hackers programmed the so-called "LightsOut" malware to display unwanted ads on users' screens after they downloaded the apps; the fraudulent apps often masqueraded as flashlight and call-recording tools; LightsOut is believed to have been downloaded between 1.5M and 7.5M times - Link

  • Reddit confirms that a hacker gained access to some users' password reset emails distributed by the third-party software provider Mailgun; hacker reportedly breached Mailgun's system; Reddit has since switched all password reset emails to an in-house mail server - Link

  • A phishing email may have allowed hackers access to the personal information of up to 30k Florida Medicaid recipients, the state's Agency for Health Care Administration announces; an employee's having fallen victim to the scam reportedly may have exposed the enrollees' full names, Medicaid ID numbers, birthdates, addresses, diagnoses, medical conditions, and Social Security numbers - Link