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  • Garrett Camp publishes Uber’s first pitch deck; marks nine years since the idea for UberCab (as it was initially known) first emerged - Link


  • Google are set to announce technical details of Titan, a new cloud security chip; once installed on a server or network card, the tiny chip scans the system for any anomalies; if it detects any changes, Titan prevents the hardware from booting up - Link

  • Toshiba is prioritizing talks with Western Digital as it looks to finalize a sale of its memory chip business, according to Nikkei sources; Toshiba previously accepted a $19B Japanese state-backed bid, but terms are yet to be finalized - Link

    Update: Toshiba’s board are set to meet on Aug 24 to discuss a Western Digital-led offer, according to reports; Western Digital may also offer additional financing as part of the deal; Toshiba aims to reach an agreement by the end of the month - Link

  • Foxconn may open an electric and driverless vehicle R&D facility in Michigan, according to reports; full details unclear, but follows a statement from the firm earlier this month, saying it was considering investing in the state - Link

  • Messaging service Line launches Squares, an anonymous group chat feature for users in Indonesia and South Korea; chat rooms are based on interests and can accommodate up to 5k users; unclear if or when it will roll out to other markets - Link