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  • Regulators in Australia and the UK announce a joint investigation into facial recognition firm Clearview AI; the Australian Information Commissioner and Britain's Information Commissioner’s Office say they will probe Clearview’s methods for scraping photos from social media platforms, which it then uses as the basis of its image-matching service - Link

  • 92 percent of early customers who signed up for Quibi’s three-month free trial have opted to not become paid subscribers, according to Sensor Tower data; the report relates to 910k users who downloaded the app within the first three days of launch; for comparison, Sensor Tower notes of the 9.5M Disney+ users who signed up in the first three days, 1M became paid customers, a conversion of 11 percent - Link

  • Google planned to offer cloud services to China and other politically sensitive regions but canceled the initiative due to concerns about international tensions exacerbated by the pandemic, according to employees speaking with Bloomberg; hundreds of workers were involved with the project, known internally as Isolated Region, which would have enabled governments to control data within their borders - Link

  • Arm plans to spin off its IoT Platform and Treasure Data businesses under the SoftBank brand by the end of September, pending board approval and regulatory reviews; Arm will retain its compute IP business, which, like the two pending spinoffs, operates under the IoT Services Group - Link

  • Facebook announces that its independent Oversight Board will not begin operations until late fall; many hoped the board would be in position to address content issues well before the presidential election; the board will not address misinformation on the platform, but contested takedown cases; the board said on Twitter it was focused on building an institution for long-term impact - Link