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  • Google is working with HTC and Lenovo on standalone Daydream headsets; available later this year; launch windows and pricing undisclosed; Google says the new headsets will have improved tracking - Link

  • Google launches Assistant as a standalone app for iOS; rolling out today in the US; Assistant for iOS and Android is currently limited to English, but support for Japanese, French, German and several other languages is coming by year's end - Link

  • Google to launch Assistant for Android TV; launch date undisclosed; will also update Android TV with a new launcher; Google says there are now more than 3k Android TV apps in the Play Store - Link

  • Google may showcase a standalone VR headset at Google I/O, reports Variety; full details are unclear, but the device wouldn’t require a connection to a PC or smartphone; it’s also expected to feature Tango-like spatial tracking - Link

  • Actions on Google, currently limited to Home devices, is coming to Android and iOS via Assistant; will give users voice control over third-party apps; Google also added transaction support, so a user can, for example, order a pizza with voice commands without creating an app-specific account or entering payment information - Link