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  • Report emerges of 2014 trip headed by Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to Seoul escort-karaoke bar; party included Kalanick’s girlfriend and five other employees, one of whom filed an HR report; Uber claims the incident was reviewed by Eric Holder in his investigation of sexual harassment claims - Link

  • US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin claims AI wont displace US jobs for 50-100 years; also that he was optimistic about the technology encouraging creativity; clarified that he was not referring to technologies such as self-driving cars, and rather meant robots such as ‘R2-D2’ - Link

  • Online lighting shop lampenwelt.de raises $130M from VC firm 3i; claims to be leading online lamp retailed in Europe, with 500K models and presence in 12 countries; 3i will also provide $58M loan; lampenwelt claims $65M sales in 2016 - Link

  • Kudrone launches Indiegogo campaign for nano-drone with 4K camera; boasts auto-follow with GPS and precision vision hovering; raised $776K on $50K goal, ends April 13 - Link


  • Uber suspends self-driving tests in Arizona following high impact crash; police claimed the company was not responsible; accident caused no injuries, as the other car failed to yield; thought there was a driver behind the wheel of the Uber, unclear whether it was self-piloting - Link