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  • David Marcus, VP of Facebook’s messaging products, explains the inner-workings of its virtual assistant M; says that when a message is sent to M via Messenger, M always attempts an answer 1st; human trainers either send message as is or edit; also notes M’s ability to scale - Link

  • London-based flash sales site for sports gear SportPursuit raises over $14M C from Scottish Equity Partners, Grafton Capital, & Draper Esprit; co ships to over 40 countries; claims more than 2M members, up from 1M in Aug ‘14; raised ~$24M to date - Link


  • Mike Isaac & Katie Benner of the New York Times profile the rise and fall of Living Social; its growth-at-all-costs approach & continual loss of money should serve as warnings to other unicorns; the co is currently struggling to find a brand identity as it experiences a mass exodus of emps & shifts away from daily deals - Link

  • UK modernizes its parcel delivery sector, which is worth > $12.5B, in advance of holidays; follows increased demand for online shopping; facilities present a future where tech replaces human labor; 1 such facility in the UK is capable of sorting 70k items per hr - Link


  • Financial industry looks to hire more computer scientists from SV in hopes of developing technologically innovative ways to analyse & trade on co earnings; hedge fund & asset managers such as Two Sigma & BlackRock are already incorporating engineers from Google & other tech co’s - Link