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  • An appeals court in CA says ride-hailing firms must abide by a state law and reclassify contract drivers as employees; CA introduced the law - known as AB5 - earlier this year; Uber and Lyft say they are considering their legal options; both companies have backed a ballot measure to repeal AB5 which state residents can vote on this Nov 3 - Link

  • The FTC is close to a decision about whether to take action against Facebook over perceived antitrust violations, according to sources for The New York Times; the five-person commission has met to discuss three reports it has prepared on the firm; part of the focus has been on whether Facebook has used its leverage to buy up smaller companies - Link

  • PayPal is considering purchasing several cryptocurrency firms, according to Bloomberg sources; the company has held talks with Bitgo, a crypto asset holding business, and others; BitGo was last valued at $170M; PayPal says it plans to introduce crypto features next year - Link

  • Walmart-controlled Flipkart acquires a 7.8 percent holding in fellow India-based retailer Aditya Birla for ~$204M; Aditya Birla is a multinational conglomerate that owns and operates numerous fashion and retail brands; as part of the arrangement, Flipkart will sell and distribute products from Aditya Birla companies - Link

  • This Week in Startups: Rising Stars of SaaS E2

    Jason speaks with Ben Brook, CEO of data privacy infrastructure company Transcend; the conversation covers why user data rights are so important right now, the methods companies use to track users, Apple's use of data privacy as a selling point, growing consumer demand for data privacy, best practices for storing user data, GDPR-related fines, more - Link