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  • Elon Musk discusses plans for brain-computer interface firm Neuralink, confirming he will be CEO; the company plans to implant electrodes in the brain, with the initial aim of tackling brain conditions; Musk suggests the company could eventually develop a form of telepathy - Link

  • Engineers from Google's Tensor Processing Unit are working at a new startup called Groq; Chamath Palihapitiya, a principal in the company, previously disclosed that eight of the first 10 people at Google's TPU were working on a "next-generation chip" for the stealth startup; the company name was not disclosed at that time; former Google X engineer Douglas Wightman is CEO; raised $10.3M to date - Link

  • Q&A platform Quora raises $85M Series D led by Y Combinator Continuity and Collaborative Fund; the company now claims 190M monthly unique visitors, up from 100M in March, 2016; launched a Spanish version last summer; now testing a French version; will launch Italian and German iterations this year and expand its ad business; raised $226M to date - Link

  • South Korean games company Netmarble is set to raise as much as $2.3B as it prices its IPO at $138 per share; the firm is offering 17M shares, and is expected to be valued at more than $11B - Link

  • This Week in Startups episode 726: Investor Outlook at LAUNCH Festival: Jason speaks with Hunter Walk, Megan Quinn and Jalak Jobanputra about lessons learned as investors, equity crowdfunding, the future of VR, more; then, Rishi Garg speaks about the M&A process - Link