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  • An adviser to the EU Court of Justice says Uber should be subject to the same regulations as taxi firms; follows a legal challenge from French authorities, claiming Uber are in violation of local hire car regulations; the opinion from advocate general Maciej Szpunar is non-binding, but serves as guidance ahead of a final decision - Link

  • Baidu has signed more than 50 partners to its Apollo self-driving program, reports Bloomberg; includes Microsoft, Bosch, Grab, and four China-based carmakers; Baidu is aiming to launch its first driverless car in 2018 - Link

  • Snapdeal rejects a $700M to $900M takeover bid from Flipkart, according to various reports; sources claim negotiations are continuing, and a deal is expected in mid-July; Snapdeal's logistics unit Vulcan Express and payments service FreeCharge are likely to be sold separately - Link

    Update: Snapdeal is seeking a valuation of at least $1B, according to Bloomberg sources; Snapdeal offered $850M, but are currently unwilling to go above $900M - Link

  • Volvo says it will only launch electric or hybrid vehicles from 2019; the firm will still manufacture gas-powered engines, but only for pre-existing models; Volvo plans to introduce five new vehicles from 2019 through 2021 - Link

  • Tesla has delivered 47k vehicles for the first half of 2017, placing it at the low end of its original forecast; the firm had hoped to produce as many as 50k vehicles by the middle of this year; Tesla says issues with battery manufacturing affected Q2 deliveries - Link